Parts Included 

1. 2 Gerilla Lenses (1 Pair) 

2. Installation Instructions 

Please read and understand entire instructions before starting installation. 

Thank you for choosing Phantom products. In order to protect you and others from possible injury and/or property damage or loss, please pay close attention to all instructions, warnings, cautions and attention notes regarding the use and care of this product. 




This indication alerts you to the fact that ignoring the contents described herein may negatively affect product performance and functionality. 

Tools Suggested 

Flat Screwdriver 

Strictly observe the following guidelines in order to use the product properly and avoid potentially dangerous accidents. Procedure 


Remove the stock lens from the turn signal lights by "popping" the lens off using the screwdriver. Rotate the lens and look for a small slot cast into the plastic, insert the screwdriver and gently pry the lens off. 


Snap the new lens into position. 

Apply firm pressure and a slight twisting motion to ensure the lens sticks firmly into place. /